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Isotropic Superfinishing


Isotropic Superfinishing offers significant advantages in various applications. This treatment yields smoother gear surfaces, resulting in reduced friction, lower heat generation, and decreased wear. Clients often request motorsport superfinishing due to the performance improvements it provides.

In the machining and grinding processes, machined parts often exhibit high and low areas, which are remnants of the manufacturing process. These elevated spots serve as initial contact points, potentially creating localized hotspots that can lead to failures. Isotropic Superfinishing also known as gear polishing effectively reduces the likelihood of such issues.

So, what are the key benefits of Isotropic Superfinishing?

One notable advantage of gear superfinishing is the elimination of stress risers at the edges of components, along with decreased friction on metal-to-metal interfaces. The superfinishing process eliminates the amorphous surface layer, extending the lifespan of parts by reducing wear and tear while improving sealing capabilities.

This process consistently delivers a uniform finish in all directions, ensuring repeatability and predictability. We incorporate this process into many of our Motorsport builds, given the compelling real-world results it delivers. If you prioritize reliability, strength, and performance, and seek a competitive edge, Isotropic Superfinishing is a must-have.