DUP-DUB Indicating Plug Type Gauges

Involute & Serration

Plug type versa spline gauges are mainly used to check dimension under pins on an internal spline component, however, plug type versa gauges can also be used to check the major or minor diameter on an internal spline component. These DUP and DUB gauges are typically supplied with digital Mitutoyo indicators which display a readout of the dimension under pins, major diameter or minor diameter.

Plug type versa spline gauges typically have two spring-loaded balls located on the feature they are checking.

Spline Gauges specialises in the manufacturing of plug type versa spline gauges. We are able to offer a wide range of internationally recognised standards and use any bespoke designs to meet your gauging requirements. Some of the common standards include:

  • DIN
  • ISO
  • BS

Spline Gauges also has the capability to produce straight or helical plug type versa spline gauges to suit customer requirements.

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