Helical Master Gears

Helical master gears are used for the composite checking of components. This is generally achieved by putting the master and component gears in hard mesh on a machine that records the deviation of centre distance during rotation of the gears (known as double flank roll testing).

External master gears are also used for evaluating a gear system for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), known as single flank roll testing.

Spline specialises in the manufacture of helical master gears and we pride ourselves on our supreme quality. We are also able to offer master gears in a wide range of internationally recognised standards to meet any customer requirements. Some of the common standards include:

  • DIN (Quality 3 & 4)
  • AGMA (Quality 1,2,3 & 4)
  • ISO (Quality 3 & 4)

Spline Gauges also has the capability to produce and supply bespoke helical master gears to suit customer requirements. Our manufacturing capabilities are:-

  • Diameter (Min/Max) – 5mm – 400mm
  • Module (Min/Max) – 0.2 – 10
  • Pressure Angle (Min/Max) – 5°- 50°
  • Helix Angle (Min/Max) – 0° – 50°

Spline typically manufactures helical master gears in O1 tool steel which has a hardness rockwell (HRC) of 60-62 however we can also manufacture in other materials such as high-speed steel which is more durable, offering extended life. Other materials we offer are:-

  • A2 (61-63 HRC)
  • ASP23 (64-65 HRC)
  • ASP30 (65-66 HRC)

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