Lock-Up Concentricity Ring Gauges

Involute, Parallel & Serration

Spline lock-up concentricity ring gauges are used for inspecting the concentricity of a spline relative to another feature on a component.

The concentricity ring has a moving section of splined teeth which clamp onto the component and has a ground outside diameter which is concentric to the spline. A dial indicator is then applied to the concentric outside diameter, next the component is rotated and the indicator provides a measurement of the concentricity of the component spline.

Spline Gauges specialises in the manufacturing of lock-up concentricity ring gauges. We are able to offer a wide range of internationally recognised standards and use any bespoke designs to meet your gauging requirements. Some of the common standards include:

  • DIN
  • ISO
  • BS

Spline Gauges also has the capability to produce straight or helical lock-up concentricity ring gauges.

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